Staff Information

The UW Spooner Agricultural Research Station is a unique facility that houses five UW Faculty. This administrative arrangement is referred to as the “Northern Wisconsin Ag Initiative” (NWAI). The NWAI’s main objective is to combine the skills and expertise of these five University of Wisconsin Faculty and Staff to better serve the needs of the surrounding community.

University of Wisconsin Faculty and Staff

Phil Holman, Crops Research, Superintendent

John Haack, Natural Resources Educator

Kevin Schoessow, Ag Development Agent

Otto Wiegand, Ag Agent

University Staff

Scott Butterfield, Animal Research Technician, Advanced

Forrest Anderson, Agricultural Research Equipment Operator

Lorraine Toman, University Services Program Associate

Assisting Staff

Sheri Snowbank, UW-Extension Natural Resource Assistant

2017 Student Interns

Tanner Hall, Agronomy